ZAM Television Network

Satellite Details: Zam Television Network is uplink from Paksat 1R, C-Band, Frequency 3831.7500 MHz, Polarization Vertical, Symbol Rate 2.500 Mbaud, FEC 3/4

Zam Television Network is an international scale of satellite television channel that provides live or recorded entertainment and infotainment programs.

Zam Television Network broadcasts programming particularly focusing the viewer-ship in all provinces of Pakistan including; news bulletins, documentaries, current affairs, talk-shows, entertainment, scientific, social, cultural programs, music, health clinics, business updates, religious programs, sports, weather updates and special transmissions on big events.

Zam Television Network having an extensive experienced team of technical and creative personnel in the field of core media professionals.

Zam Television Network is fully equipped with SP, Digital Beta, DVC, pro and HD cameras, full and latest trend of lighting, audio kits, wireless monitoring and production facilities. Icon also has an Avid editing suite, multi-lingual production staff, editors and a unique network of specialist providers such as studios, steady-cam operators, OB facilities, animators and stylists.

The channel provides an excellent opportunity for our sponsors to advertise for gaining popularity and viewer-ship among its viewers throughout the country. We are confident that our patrons will gain maximum mileage by advertising their brands on Zam Television Network for generating the acceptance, familiarity and extensive distribution of their products throughout the country.

Zam Television Network broadcasts programs which should be deemed to be public and client oriented for our prestigious sponsors to support an event, activity, person or organization financially or through the provision of their product or service for the promotional purposes.

Our viewers will definitely enjoy the quality, work ethics and creativity of the best television network in Pakistan.